Easter Parent-Time in Utah. Who Gets The Kids?

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Who gets the kids for Easter this year? Why can’t I find Easter on the Utah Parent-Time schedule?

I’m Jaclyn Robertson with JR Law Group and welcome to Family Law Friday.

Yes, Easter is a holiday celebrated by many. It’s on our regular calendars and we get calls from divorced parents wondering who gets the kids for Easter this year?

In reality, Utah law does not recognize Easter as a holiday that’s divided between divorced parents. Easter falls on April 4th this year, so if that’s your normally scheduled weekend with the kids, then you will be the one celebrating actual Easter day with the kids.

Sometimes Easter falls on spring break, which is a holiday specifically divided between divorced parents. This year, being an odd year, the non-custodial parent exercises spring break. So, if Easter falls on your spring break, which in a few school districts it does, then the non-custodial parent will have the kids for both spring break and Easter.

Remember, you and your co-parent can always agree to a different arrangement that better meets your needs. To protect both sides, make sure to get any agreement in writing and make sure the terms are clear.

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