At What Age Can My Child Decide Which Parent to Live With In Utah?

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Kids Refuse to Go

“At What Age Can Kids Decide Who They Live With?”

I’m Jaclyn Robertson with JR Law Group and welcome to Family Law Friday.

We often get asked, “How old do my kids have to be before they can decide who they live with?”

The long and short is, the children don’t get to decide. Ultimately, while Utah law says at the age of 14 the court may consider preferences of the children, the courts, attorneys, and other mental health professionals helping parents and children going through divorce, all agree it’s never good to put the children in the middle.

Children Should Not Be The Ones Deciding Who They Will Live With

Ultimately, you, the courts, as well as professionals, will try to figure out a schedule that is in the best interest of the children. Child custody is often a heated topic. A lot of factors come into play and keeping children out of conflict and out of the decision making process will be everyone’s goal.

What About Utah Law And Child Preference?

Technically, according to Utah Law, the “desires of a child 14 years of age or older shall be given added weight but is not the single controlling factor.”

Again, 14 and above, the court may consider the preference of children and what they have to say, but even that will be the exception and not the normal case.

What If My Kids Refuse To Go With My Ex?

If you have a situation where the children are flat out refusing to go with one parent or the other, then this does need to be addressed.

We get it. Teenagers who have cars and friends and opinions can be impossible to work with. But before you jump to get your teen involved, remember the court needs more than just age to make a decision.

Encourage your teens to stick with the schedule and if that doesn’t work, therapists and other people may need to get involved to help work through custody issues.

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