About Natalie Perry

Office Manager

Natalie joined JR Law Group in 2022 and her efficiency, dedication, and warmth quickly made her an essential part of the team. Her sharp, organized, and conscientious approach has defined her success in managing the office and supporting the team. Natalie also works with clients to ensure they understand the firm’s processes and can feel confident about their investment in the firm.

Natalie attended the University of New Brunswick where she studied Business Administration. In her early career Natalie was a travel agent. She then worked several years as an office manager for a Canadian-based hardwood flooring company.

Beyond her dedication to her professional role, Natalie’s passions span a wide spectrum. An avid fly- fisher, mountain biker, skier, and a skilled hand at knitting and baking sourdough, she finds joy in every season. Her hobbies mirror her meticulous and detail-oriented nature, bringing precision and creativity to all she does. Natalie is married to her high school sweetheart and has a son and daughter-in-law in Virginia, and a daughter and son-in-law in California.

Natalie Perry is more than an office manager; she’s a warm and kind-hearted individual whose dedication and attention to detail leave an indelible mark on every facet of her life. Her diverse experiences and multifaceted talents make her an invaluable asset to JR Law Group.



University of New Brunswick

Business Administration

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