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Utah Protective Orders
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Utah Protective orders
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What is a Protective Order?

Utah Protective Orders for adults is an order from the court that provides protection to a victim of abuse or domestic violence from a current or former cohabitant.

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Salt Lake City Protective Order

How to I request a Protective Order?

In order to request a Protective Order, you must complete the appropriate court appointed forms, file the forms with the court and if a Temporary Protective Order is granted, attend a hearing.  The person requesting a Protective Order is the Petitioner.  The person the Protective Order is against is the Respondent.

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Why JR Law Group?

JR Law Group in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah, offers flat fee services for Protective Order matters.  We understand that Protective Orders often come with very intense and emotional circumstances.  Whether you need a protective order, or have had one filed against you, we are here to help every step of the way.  

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