Can I Talk To My Spouse About Our Utah Divorce?

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Can I Talk To My Spouse About Our Utah Divorce?

If you’re getting divorced and you have an attorney, can you still talk about your case with your spouse?

I’m Jaclyn Robertson with JR Law Group and welcome to Family Law Friday.

The long and short is yes. Technically, you and your spouse can talk to each other about your case. You can talk about little issues. You can talk about bigger issues and goals. You can talk about the children. It’s entirely up to you.


High Conflict Divorce Communication

However, you don’t have to talk to your spouse about the case. In cases of high conflict there can be situations where one or the other party is unhappy that one has an attorney, or they want to try to negotiate the divorce on their terms or get you to agree to something that maybe wouldn’t be advised by your attorney.

If you’re in a situation of high conflict, you don’t feel comfortable or feel like you’re getting information that’s scary or incorrect, the bottom line is you don’t have to talk to your spouse about your divorce and it’s perfectly appropriate and acceptable to say, “Hey, I’m not going to get into that right now. Let’s wait until our attorneys decide.”

Can My Attorney Speak To My Spouse?

If you have an attorney and your spouse doesn’t have an attorney, your attorney can speak directly to your spouse.

If both parties have attorneys, then the attorneys are always going to speak directly to each other and neither attorney will ever speak directly to the other party.

Always Consult With Your Utah Divorce Attorney

So, at the end of the day, do what makes sense and feels agreeable to your situation. You can talk to your spouse about your case, but I advise making ultimate decisions and or agreements without the assistance of your attorney.

In cases of high conflict, don’t ever allow yourself to be bullied, cornered or intimidated by anything presented to you without your attorney being able to weigh in and assist you through these big decisions.

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