Does your divorce need to be a long, drawn out, expensive ordeal? The short answer is no, it doesn’t.

Today we’re talking about what’s been coined an “uncontested” divorce. What is an uncontested divorce? This is essentially a scenario where you and your spouse have decided a divorce is eminent and essentially, you agree on everything from child custody (if children are involved) to how your marital estate should be divided.

Generally in divorce, there are two main categories to consider. You have the finances, and in cases involving children, custody. Under finances, you’re looking at issues such as how to divide the marital home and other assets, investments, alimony, etc. Similarly, under custody there are things such as the parenting plan, physical and legal custody, living arrangements and how you’re going to coparent. In an uncontested divorce, ALL of these issues have been talked through and you and your spouse have come to an agreement on how they will be handled.

If you find yourself facing an uncontested divorce, first of all, good for you. Because one of the big benefits is it’s low conflict. It means you and your spouse are able to sit down, hash out the details of what your divorce should look like and ultimately come to an agreement in a relatively low conflict situation.

Another benefit of an uncontested divorce, is the cost. Generally, with divorce matters, an up-front retainer is required and your attorney will bill hourly from that retainer. Here at JR Law Group, we offer uncontested divorce clients a flat fee service which is much lower than our typical retainer and means you know what the cost is up front and it’s a reasonable, capped rate. We draft all of the required paperwork and most importantly, consult with you to make sure you are considering all the different areas you may not realize should be incorporated into your final divorce decree. We make sure you are doing a thorough job, all the paperwork from start to finish is done for you, and that your final decree is customized to meet all the special considerations of you and your spouse so you don’t later have to clear up ambiguities and or regret things that should have been in the decree from the beginning. It’s much more difficult to change an existing decree than it is to make sure it’s done right the first time.

A third benefit of uncontested divorce is the timeline. Utah law now allows couples to get divorced in 30 days and the uncontested divorce process really capitalizes on this 30-day window. Essentially, from the time we file the divorce petition for our uncontested clients and then submit the rest of the required paperwork, we can really take advantage of this 30 day time-span and have them divorced quickly and efficiently.

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